Minor in Screen Cultures

Catalog Year: 2024-2025


The interdisciplinary screen cultures minor focuses on global screen-based visual culture including film, television, and newer forms of media. Students will learn how to analyze the formal aspects of a wide array of media and how to understand global film, TV, and media within their diverse cultural and historical contexts. Courses look at the dynamic relationship between media representation and identity, media and global/regional conflicts, media and popular culture, and media and urban spaces. Courses also address various film and TV genres, regional approaches to film and TV, and a variety of theoretical methods for understanding global media.   

The majority of coursework is offered through the Departments of Communication and English, and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Students may take a limited number of courses in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The two required courses, COMM 380 and either ENGH 372 or ENGH 270, provide essential grounding in the language of formal analysis and key methods of analysis. Students select four additional courses designed to offer more advanced levels of study. 

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Core Courses

ENGH 372 Introduction to Film (Mason Core) 3
or ENGH 270 Introduction to Screen Cultures (Mason Core)
COMM 380 Media Criticism 3
Total Credits 6


AVT, COMM, and FAVS majors can only use 6 elective credits from their home department toward the Screen Cultures minor. Only six credits total for any student may be FAVS courses.

Select 12 credits from the following: 12
Contemporary Chinese Film
Introduction to Media Production
Media Theory
Mass Communication and Public Policy
Multi-Camera Studio Production
Digital Postproduction
Gender, Race, and Class in the Media
Multimedia Storytelling
Sports and the Media
Media Production Practicum
Introduction to Screen Cultures (Mason Core)
Introduction to Cultural Studies 1
Popular Culture 1, 2
Global Voices (Mason Core) 1, 2
Documentary and Non-Fiction Film/Media (Mason Core)
Global TV (Mason Core)
Screening the Global City (Mason Core)
Cultural Constructions of Sexualities 1
Topics in Popular Literature 1
RS: Topics in Screen Cultures Research (Mason Core) 2
Topics in Film/Media Theory 2
Topics in Screen Cultures 2
Independent Study 1
Business of Film and Television
Global Horror Film (Mason Core)
French and Francophone Cinema 1
Contexts for Global Cinema (Mason Core)
Media, Technology, and Globalization
Uncovering the U.S. Past Through Film
Topics in Global History (Mason Core) 1
Japanese Cinema
Music in Motion Pictures (Mason Core)
Topics in (Post) Soviet Film 1
Total Credits 12

Requires prior written approval of the minor director.


May be repeated when topic is different.